I’m unsatisfied…

This is an interesting start to my new blog, titled Alyss Reads Books. Right now, I am reading a couple different books, but I’m unsatisfied with my options. None of my current choices are really drawing me in, even though they’re all interesting in their own ways. I’m having a lot of trouble getting invested in any of them.

This happens to me sometimes, and it usually passes. But it’s always really frustrating, because I’m the kind of person who is always reading something. I always have a book with me, and my Goodreads page always has at least one book in process (if not more than one). So it almost makes me anxious to feel this way, like I don’t have anything to read.

(On a side note, feeling like I don’t have anything to read is absolutely not the same thing as not actually having any books to read. I have plenty of books that I can read, that I haven’t read already. The issue at hand is the inclination to read any of them.)

I really wish I was the type of person who could pick up any interesting book, start reading, and be perfectly happy. But I’m not. I read pretty widely throughout the genres, and I have to be in the right mood for a certain genre. So just picking up the next book on my pile isn’t going to cut it. I’ve already surrounded myself with books that spark an interest for me when I find them at the book store or library, but in order for me to actually read them, there’s an incredibly complicated and inexplicable process that occurs in my brain.

Well, my inexplicable processes are stymied at the moment, so what’s a book-loving girl to do?



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