If any of you watch as many youtube videos as I do, you may have heard of a thing called vlogmas, where youtubers vlog every day in December until Christmas. I really enjoy watching vlogs, so this time of year is great for me, because I get to watch a lot more vlogging than usual.

But I was thinking about it the other day, and I wondered if blogmas was also a thing that people do. I hadn’t heard of it, but after doing some research online, I found that there are people who do blogmas. There’s even a #blogmas on twitter, but of course there is, because what doesn’t have a hashtag on twitter these days?

I don’t know if this is something I’d actually do. Not because I’m not going to blog every day. I fully intend to blog every day. But more because I’m not a terribly festive person, so I don’t know that I would do anything Christmasy enough in this month leading up to the holiday that would qualify as blogmas. I know that not everyone who does vlogmas or blogmas can possibly do something Christmasy every day for twenty-five days, but to my understanding the general intent is that vlogmas/blogmas is supposed to be kind of festive. So I don’t think I could pull it off.

At least not every day. I did decide that I’m going to make gingerbread in the near future. Mostly just because I like and want to have gingerbread. But as of right now, that’s all of the festive holiday plans that I have until much later in the month. I’ll at least let you know how the gingerbread turns out.

If anyone knows of any blogs who do blogmas well, leave a link in the comments. I’d love to see them.



3 thoughts on “Blogmas?

  1. I sort of do blooms every year in that I do post every day, though not all of them are holiday-related. One thing that helps a lot – if you like doing tags – is the sheer amount of holiday tags that come out around this time of year. Last year, I discovered I needed to post every day just to keep up and finish them all before Christmas. Between that and end-of-year posts (favorites, etc.) I find it’s not too difficult to have something up every day. If you spread out the holiday posts, I think your blog will still seem festive overall.

    Good luck!

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