Is it interesting or not?

If you read my post the other day, you’ll know that I’ve been having trouble finding a book that’s really interesting me. I’ve been slowly trying to make my way through a book called Victoria by Daisy Goodwin. It’s about the early years of Queen Victoria’s reign, and I love a good historical fiction book, so I was initially excited to pick it up.

However, it’s been really slow going. I’m maybe halfway finished with it in the week or so that I’ve been reading it, and I feel like it’s taking me a lot longer than it should. I just don’t find myself wanting to pick it up. Which is kind of disappointing. I feel like this book should be interesting, and there are definitely certain parts that have been, but other parts have been much harder to get through.

Another issue I’ve had with the book is the lack of likability of many of the characters. At least one of the characters is really supposed to be unlikable, but I don’t think I like Victoria’s character much either. At least in the half that I’ve read, she’s still very young and hasn’t necessarily made the best or most queen-like decisions. Even though the book is fairly historically accurate (as far as I can tell from a bit of online research), a few of the events have been kind of annoying to read about. They really just make Victoria seem kind of spoiled and petulant.

One more thing I could mention, that’s really more of a nit-pick than anything is that according to the inside cover, the book is partially about Victoria and Albert and their relationship. However, halfway through the book as I am, Albert has yet to appear.

Overall, I’m just not sure what the point of the book is supposed to be, or if it’s just event by event of her early reign. The whole experience just makes me question whether I’m really interested in the story as a whole. Honestly, I’m kind of leaning toward not finishing this book. Which is disappointing, since I’m so far in, but I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I don’t want to waste time with a book that I’m not going to enjoy. I just wish I’d realized before now….

Have you guys ever had this experience with a book? Would you finish it anyway, or put it aside? Let me know in the comments.

Happy (hopefully happier) reading!



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