Living in an apartment vs. living in a house

I’ve been living in various apartments for almost five years now, but before that I lived exclusively in different houses. Unless you count a multiple family house, which is something that’s pretty popular in the part of Rhode Island that I used to live in. They’re essentially like apartment buildings or duplexes, except an “apartment” is a whole level of a house instead of just a section. But I don’t think it really counts since my mother and I lived on one level, and my aunt, uncle, and cousins lived on the other level. It’s different than living in a building with people you don’t know.

Living in the same building with people you don’t know is one of the main problems with living in an apartment. You have to share walls and floors and ceilings with people you don’t know. Which means that you could be living near loud, annoying, and inconsiderate people. And on the other hand, you never quite know how loud or inconsiderate you’re being either, since apartment walls always seem to be so ridiculously thin.

Some of my apartments have been better than others, and I really thought that my current place was the best so far. We’ve lived here since April of this year, and it’s been really great so far. All of our neighbors are really nice, not too loud, or annoying. Some of them are a bit talkative in the elevator, but all things considered, that’s not too bad.

However, recently, our neighbor below us (I’m not sure if they’re newly moved in or if this is a recent development) has had a really loud alarm clock going off really early in the morning. It’s one of those terrible buzzer alarms that just beeps and beeps. And for whatever reason, this person’s alarm goes off for long periods of time. Every Monday morning for the past couple weeks, their alarm goes off for like three hours. This morning, it went off for one hour. But it’s so loud that I can hear it through the floor, and it just goes on forever. I don’t even know what to think. If I can’t sleep through it when it’s muted by a floor, I don’t know how they possibly can. I can only imagine that they’ve set the alarm and forgotten about it, so that they aren’t even there when it’s going off. Because no one could sleep or live through this terrible alarm.

(I may be slightly biased against buzzer alarms. I’ve always been a music alarm person, and even then I still really hate alarms, since I’m such a light sleeper. And I’ve recently even switched to a vibration alarm that I like a lot better.)

I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m really torn about calling to complain. Or even just to let this person know that their alarm’s going off, if they don’t know. But I’ve never made a noise complaint in an apartment before. I don’t know if I’m worried that they’ll get mad or what, but making a complaint just makes me really anxious.

The whole experience kind of just makes me want to live in a house and not have to deal with shit like this. Despite all the shit that comes with owning a house, which makes me a little bit anxious as well. I just don’t know. There’s a lot of convenience that comes with renting, but I just feel tired of the whole thing after having done it for years now. It’s not like my husband and I are ready to go out and buy a house, but I kind of wish we were. Maybe we can just find a house to rent somewhere. If only any of these options didn’t involve moving.

What do you think? Do you prefer renting or owning? Let me know in the comments.



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