Technology in the Star Wars universe


So, my husband and I went to see the new Star Wars movie today, and I had some feelings about it. Really, it brought up some feelings I have about the whole Star Wars universe. Rogue One wasn’t a terrible movie. It was a little long and filled with space battles, but overall it was okay. I like Felicity Jones as an actress, and she did a good job in this movie.

However, I couldn’t help thinking about the technology in the Star Wars universe. So many of these different planets that are inhabited have these old crumbling temples and stone buildings on them. And people live in them with very little in the way of current technology or amenities. Except for their lasers and space ships and future technology.

My question is how did civilizations like this occur? Were there ancient people who lived there and died out in an old world/new world (literally?) situation, and then the space settlers just took over and put all their fancy future technology into these old temples?

When I mentioned this to my husband, he said that maybe it was because the Star Wars universe was created back in the 1970s, so it’s limited by the technological advancements of the time. So it makes sense that a lot of the supposed future technology looks old. The original creators were limited by what they knew and what they anticipated that future technology might look like.

This might also explain why the technology is so disjointed from our modern perspective. There are so many mundane aspects of technology that the creators might not have bothered to imagine, like modern cameras, information storage that doesn’t look like floppy disks, and even the internet. So these are missing from the Star Wars universe, despite the fact that so many of these mundane things would be necessary in order to achieve that future technology.

So while I understand this, it makes for a really confusing movie-watching experience. Especially since I’m not enough of a fan of Star Wars that I can suspend my disbelief or be swayed by fan service. And there was a lot of fan service in Rogue One. Arguably the entire story is fan service, since it’s all a lead up to the events of the fourth movie.

But those are just my thoughts. If you’ve seen Rogue One, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments.


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