Whole 30 week 1 update

I talked a little bit about my initial problems in this post, but I figured I could talk a little bit more about how the week went in general.

In certain ways, I thought it went well, but in others not so much. The easiest part was breakfast and lunch, once I got my meal plan sorted out. It was easy because I pretty much decided what I was going to eat, and then I ate that every day. If anyone is interested, my breakfast every day was a fruit smoothie and a Lara bar (just FYI, not all of these are compliant, so make sure to check the ingredients). Then for lunch, I had a salad with chicken and green grapes, and some guacamole and rice crackers/nut crackers (these crackers are not compliant, but I decided to compromise on these). All of this was relatively easy, once I got the hang of it.

The difficult part came in planning and making dinner for myself. The planning part isn’t too hard, because it’s easy enough to pick some recipes to and buy the ingredients. The hard part for me comes in actually making those recipes when the time comes. Because I work until 8 pm three days a week, coming home late and having to make something for dinner is really hard. Most of these nights, I would rather just do something easy or pick up some takeout than cook something. And it’s been really hard to get out of that habit and actually cook. Because that’s really the only option when you have to stick to such a strict diet.

Also, I mentioned in my previous post about Whole 30 that I had a work party this weekend. This meant that I pretty much fell off the wagon, because I had to bake for the party, and then there was a bunch of good food to eat there. I’m trying to get back on today, but I think it’s still going to be hard. But then, who said that changing your diet wouldn’t be hard?

More updates to come soon!



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