Lush adventure



I follow a few beauty and lifestyle Youtubers, so I’ve heard lots of good things about Lush, the cosmetics store. I’ve heard plenty of good things about their bath products, and after looking around online, I found out they have all sorts of other lotions and soaps and other good things. Lush is also known for being very ethical and using lots of natural ingredients.

As a person who has super sensitive skin and has the hardest time finding products to use, I got a little excited that I might find something good at Lush.

So when I found out that there’s a location here in Omaha, so I decided to visit and see what they had. But as everyone knows, Christmas is in a week, and I went on Sunday, so the store was a little bit busy.

Okay, it was really busy. And a little overwhelming, despite being a small store. There were just so many things on every wall, and I really didn’t know enough about what they had to know what I was looking for. I ended up asking one of the employees, just to get a couple of suggestions. I ended up finding a couple of things to try, but I really want to go back again. Hopefully on a day that’s not quite so busy, just so that I’ll be able to look at everything. I think they also give out samples, which is always helpful for someone who has sensitive skin that tends to be easily irritated.

If anyone has any experience with Lush and can recommend some good products to try, please leave a comment. I’d love some suggestions.


(photo courtesy of Lush UK)


Hair boredom

Since middle school, I’ve been the girl who tries different hair styles. That usually meant dying it different colors, but also included interesting hair cuts as well. I shaved my head in college, because it was something I’d always wanted to do and my hair was particularly annoying me at the time.

But because of this (or maybe it’s something I’ve always had a desire to do, since I was gifted with dull dishwater blonde hair) I get bored with my hair pretty easily. I still dye my hair, usually alternating between some shade of brown or red, and had been getting it cut fairly often.

Until a couple months ago, when I decided that I wanted to try growing my hair out again. This is hard for me to stick with, since I do get bored so easily. But I’m really trying to do it this time, which means I need another way to get rid of my hair boredom. Most likely, this will mean switching from the red dye I’m currently using to something different, but I just can’t decide what. I’m so indecisive that it can be hard to make a decision like this. I’ll have to go look at some hair color pictures on Pinterest, and try to make up my mind.

Does anyone else feel like this? What solves your hair boredom? Let me know in the comments.