Tea haul

About a week ago, I ordered some tea from an online shop that I really like, called Adagio Tea. Tea is one of the only things I actually like to buy online, mostly because going into Teavana scares me a little bit (with all the extreme customer service and up-selling they do). And awhile ago, a friend told me about Adagio. They have a really great selection, including classic choices and just about every kind of flavored tea you can imagine.

But what’s great about Adagio is that they also have user-created blends too, which they list on the site so that people can buy any of these blends that have been created. And a lot of these blends are based on different fandoms, like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Dr. Who, etc. There are a million different fandoms to choose from, and teas have been created for different characters within each one.

I’ve tried a couple of these fandom teas in the past, and found a really good one from the Welcome to Nightvale set. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a really great podcast (I’ll link it here so you can go check it out). And the tea for one of the characters named Steve Carlsberg is one of my favorite teas of all time, so of course I had to order more when I ran out. It’s a grapefruit oolong tea with some other teas and flavors mixed in. It’s really light and just fruity enough without being too sweet. I’ll attach a link to the tea here, if you’re interested in going to take a look.

I also ordered a tea called Earl Grey Moonlight, which is Adagio’s version of Teavana’s Earl Grey Creme. Earl Grey Creme tea has been my go to tea for years, so I was excited to see that Adagio had a similar one. I also ran out of Earl Grey Creme a little while ago, so I’m excited to get this one brewing.

The last thing I ordered is some Lapsang Souchong. This is one of those classic teas that I’ve just never gotten around to trying. But I was talking with a coworker recently who really likes it, and it smells really smoky and delicious whenever she drinks it, so I wanted to try it out.

The other nice thing about Adagio is that they will usually send you free samples of tea with your order. I can’t say if this happens every single time,  it they’ve given me samples the couple times I’ve placed orders with them now. This time, they sent me two samples. One is a Scorpio blend tea (since that’s my zodiac sign), and the other is a vanilla chai rooibos. My husband is really excited about the latter one, since he loves chai.

If you haven’t checked out Adagio yet, I highly encourage you do so (you can find their website’s homepage here, or click through any of the links above for those specific teas). They have some really great stuff, and reasonable prices as well. Also, all of their loose leaf tea comes in tins or resealable bags, which makes storage very easy.

(Just as a side note, I buy my tea loose leaf, but Adagio does sell most of their tea in bags as well, which I think is handy. I think maybe it’s only the user-made teas that exclusively come loose leaf.)

If you’re a tea drinker, I’d love to hear about your favorite kinds of tea in the comments! I’m always looking for new things to try.