Whole 30 week 1 update

I talked a little bit about my initial problems in this post, but I figured I could talk a little bit more about how the week went in general.

In certain ways, I thought it went well, but in others not so much. The easiest part was breakfast and lunch, once I got my meal plan sorted out. It was easy because I pretty much decided what I was going to eat, and then I ate that every day. If anyone is interested, my breakfast every day was a fruit smoothie and a Lara bar (just FYI, not all of these are compliant, so make sure to check the ingredients). Then for lunch, I had a salad with chicken and green grapes, and some guacamole and rice crackers/nut crackers (these crackers are not compliant, but I decided to compromise on these). All of this was relatively easy, once I got the hang of it.

The difficult part came in planning and making dinner for myself. The planning part isn’t too hard, because it’s easy enough to pick some recipes to and buy the ingredients. The hard part for me comes in actually making those recipes when the time comes. Because I work until 8 pm three days a week, coming home late and having to make something for dinner is really hard. Most of these nights, I would rather just do something easy or pick up some takeout than cook something. And it’s been really hard to get out of that habit and actually cook. Because that’s really the only option when you have to stick to such a strict diet.

Also, I mentioned in my previous post about Whole 30 that I had a work party this weekend. This meant that I pretty much fell off the wagon, because I had to bake for the party, and then there was a bunch of good food to eat there. I’m trying to get back on today, but I think it’s still going to be hard. But then, who said that changing your diet wouldn’t be hard?

More updates to come soon!



Cauliflower fried rice

Despite my trouble with beginning Whole 30, I have already found a really great recipe for cauliflower fried rice that follows the diet completely.


Here’s the link to the recipe if you’re interested. 

I’d seen a few recipes on Pinterest for cauliflower rice, and I’ve been intrigued to try it. So, I was really glad to finally get the opportunity. It was definitely worth it, and I will be making this again soon.

If you’re worried about the similarity in taste to real fried rice, you shouldn’t worry too much. It’s not exactly the same, but the addition of the egg and usual fried rice vegetables makes the  experience really similar. The biggest difference is probably the coconut aminos, which are used in place of soy sauce. These are supposed to be a really similar soy-free option, and although it is similar, it’s a lot less salty than real soy sauce. Not that this is a bad thing for your sodium intake, but it does change the taste a bit.

Overall though, this recipe is definitely worth trying, and a really great alternative to regular fried rice.

Happy cooking!


(photo courtesy of recipe link)

Well, it’s already not going great…

So, the other day, I posted about Whole 30, and how I was going to start trying to follow it in order to get healthier and feel better. I’ve been doing it for all of two days, and it’s not going very well. Here are the reasons why I think this is:

–I forgot that my work holiday party is this Saturday, and there’s no way that I’m going to stick to anything at this party.

–I’m hungry all the time. This is causing me the most trouble, for multiple reasons.

First of all, I’m not really a breakfast person. I had been eating a little bit of oatmeal or a granola bar, but because grains are off limits, I can’t do either of those. I did find some fruit and nut bars that I can eat, but they’re small and don’t really tide me over until lunch. And there’s no way I’m going to be able to eat meat and eggs for breakfast (as the sample meal plan suggests). The best option I’ve considered is making a fruit smoothie for breakfast, which is technically allowed as far as ingredients go, but there’s also a rule against drinking fruit (this confuses me a little bit).

Second of all, I’ve been used to eating a certain portion size based on the number of calories the food contained. However, when you’re suddenly eating a lot more vegetables and a lot fewer carbs, that portion to calories ratio is very different. So I’ve been eating a less, without thinking about it, and I really feel it in my hunger level. I’ve been wanting to snack constantly, which is also discouraged.

–I want to eat all the things! This is mostly an issue of self control than anything else, and I’ll admit I was most worried about this before starting. And it’s just as bad I thought it would be. I think the things I’ve missed the most are grain-type things.

–My husband isn’t doing Whole 30 with me. Which is fine. I wouldn’t want to force him into it, and he’s still kind enough to try out some of the recipes. But he’s still eating whatever he wants, and it makes it really hard to be strict with myself and not eat what he’s eating or go out with him.

So, with all of those problems in mind, I don’t think I want to stop doing this. But I may have to adapt things slightly. Obviously, I’m going to stick with the smoothie-breakfast thing, because I need an option that works for me. I’m also considering adding certain grains back in, like rice and corn, just so that I can have a slightly more flexible diet.

I really want to continue in the spirit of Whole 30, even if I don’t follow it strictly, because I still want to feel better and get healthier. I’m just starting to realize that I might not need to be quite so strict in order to reap the benefits. Of course, I’m still going to pay attention to how my diet is affecting me, and  I can always get stricter in the future if I feel like I need to.

More updates to come, as well as a recipe that I’ve found.


I’m doing a thing…

So, my family has all sorts of health issues, particularly related to digestion. One of my uncles has Crohn’s disease, one of my aunts has issues with her liver, my grandma has a bunch of food allergies and follows a really strict diet. And almost everyone else, myself included, has general issues with digestion and eating food.

It’s been bothering me in recent years as I’ve gotten a little bit older, and I’ve decided that I really need to work on my diet. Obviously, eating healthy is always the goal, but I’m hoping that if I make a lot of changes I’ll feel better in general.

The thing is though, I’m not the kind of person who’s into fad diets and juice cleanses and that kind of thing. I don’t want to be unrealistic and I want to make some lasting changes in order to be more healthy. So I looked into some options, and found one that I liked the look of.

It’s called Whole 30, and it’s a plan that details a complete diet change that takes place over 30 days. And the idea is that if you change you diet, and cut out certain foods (like grains, dairy, beans and legumes, and added sugar) that might be affecting you, then you can change your relationship with food. After the 30 days are over, you reintroduce those foods to see if they are acceptable foods for you or not. This part of the plan is something that really interested me, because I’m really hoping to get a better idea of what foods I should and shouldn’t be eating.

The whole thing seems a little bit extreme at first, but I like the idea that it’s not something you’re meant to do forever. But hopefully, after challenging yourself for a month, you can make some dietary changes. I really think this is something I need, and I’m hoping it works out.

I’m planning on starting today as this is posted, and I’m going to post updates on this as I go through it. I don’t know if it will be every day, but maybe every couple of days (every week at least). I’ll hopefully post some recipes that I try as well. Please let me know if this is something you’re interested in hearing about.

Wish me luck!