How have I never done this??


BookBub is one of those services that I’ve heard about from multiple people, but somehow haven’t actually managed to sign up for. For anyone who doesn’t know, BookBub is a service that you can sign up for and choose what genres you like to read. Then they show you deals for free and sale ebooks in those genres. It’s pretty great.

Now I’ve finally signed up for it, and went a little bit crazy downloading free ebooks. I think when I’d heard about this before, I was a little bit worried that the ebooks wouldn’t be very good, otherwise why would they be free, right? But looking through them, a lot of them look pretty good. Of course, there are still some cheesy ones in there too, and there aren’t too many really popular or best-selling books (which makes sense, since those are probably less likely to go on sale). However, I’m still finding some less well known books that definitely look pretty interesting. I’m really excited to have this new source to go to for ebooks.

Anyone who hasn’t heard of BookBub should go over and check it out. I’ll attach a link here.

Happy reading!