That song is about what??

I was listening to the radio for the first time in a while, and was listening to the oldies station, because I like most old music way more than I like most current music. I heard one of those old songs that I’ve probably heard a hundred times, but have never really listened to until now. It’s called Escape by Rupert Holmes, but if you’re like me, you probably know it by the lyric about “drinking pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.”

I actually listened to all of the lyrics this time, and was really entertained to find out that the song tells a whole story. Those songs are my favorite, because not only do you hopefully get a good song, but you also get the story as well.

For those who don’t know, the story in this song is from the perspective of a guy who’s kind of unhappy in his relationship, so he decides to reply to a personal ad in the newspaper. He meets with this woman, and she ends up being his girlfriend. He’s really surprised to find that his girlfriend likes doing all of the things in the chorus of the song, and you’re led to believe that he’s gotten a new lease on his relationship and just needed to spice things up.

But because the song is from the man’s perspective, you don’t really get to see how the girl friend feels about this whole situation. In the song, when she sees that he’s her date, she says, “Oh, it’s you.” What is that supposed to mean? Is she excited that it’s him or not? Maybe he’s excited that his girlfriend is the great-sounding woman from the personal ad, but I really want to know how she feels about it.

I also feel like this song has some interesting things to say about relationship dynamics. If you really think about it, this relationship can’t be very functional if both people separately decide to look elsewhere. They haven’t talked to each other about their unhappiness, and yet this quirky situation is supposed to spice up their relationship enough to fix everything (questions about the feelings of both parties aside)? This doesn’t sound like a very healthy relationship to me.

And now that you’ve listened to me overthink a pop song, I want to know if anyone else does this? I really kind of like listening to and overthinking the lyric behind songs, because I feel like I’m always surprised by what they’re really about.